Robbie Shapiro

Full Name:

Robert Shapiro


Cat Valentine (crush)



Robbie is extremely shy. He is uncomfortable around pretty girls. When a girl shows even alittle or fake signs of affection, he gets nervous and tends to overreact sometimes.

Robbie is a master ventriloquist and Rex is his alter-ego, a very hip companion who likes to hit on girls, essentially being what Robbie isn't. They frequently argue because Rex talks alot. He is lactose intolerant and he can play the harmonica and the guitar. He showed this when he played both of his songs. (According to link) He customized his locker with a mosaic made from his old baby bottle nipples, since it reminds him of "happier times". In the episode Survival of the Hottest, Robbie is portrayed as being a little selfish. This is most prominent when those who are trapped in the car are sharing the water. Though everyone else is taking their fair share, Robbie gulps the whole drink, angering the others and making him feel terrible.

Robbie also displays a lack of self-confidence. In the episode Tori the Zombie, he keeps asking others about his performance. This also shows that Robbie can be jealous because every time he asks, that someone else had been complimented.

In one episode, Robbie is shown to be a computer whiz, helping Mamaw with her new computer. Robbie is Jewish as noted multiple times in the series.

Robbie played a motivational speaker with jelly legs, named "Kevin Cornbloom", in the episode Sleepover at Sikowitz's.

Robbie can make all kinds of different voices as shown.

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