Cabbie MomentsEdit

Here are the moments of Cat and Robbie on the hit TV show Victorious.


Cat and Robbie were dancing backstage (near each other) during Tori's performance.Edit

    • When Cat and Robbie are sent to get Tori and Andre for Sikowitz to tell them to come back to class. Rex makes fun of Cat, saying, "And you wanted a date to the prom last year but you didn't get one," to which Cat freaks out at Robbie, yelling, "Tell your puppet to quit being mean to me!"
    • Robbie yelled Rex's name at him when he insults Cat.
    • Robbie tells Cat to not call Rex a puppet.
    • Cat and Robbie were used together as one of Tori's examples as to why Hollywood Arts is not normal showing that both Cat and Robbie have a similarity that they are both unique. This also shows that they can be compatible due to their strangeness.
    • After Cat loses the Alphabetical Improv game and took the piece of candy Sikowitz gave her, she sits down happily next to Robbie.
    • Robbie smiles at Cat when she sat down with her piece of candy when most were confused.

The Bird SceneEdit

    • Rex stated that he never hits on Cat. Rex is Robbie's puppet and it is known that Robbie thinks of Rex as a separate person so a possible reason why Rex never hits on Cat is because Robbie doesn't like when other guys hitting on Cat. Another possibility is that since Rex is also another side of Robbie, Robbie is too shy to hit on Cat even with Rex.
    • Cat seems offended when Rex says she never hits on her and she knows that Rex and Robbie are practically the same person. Cat might be upset that Robbie would not flirt with her and even seems worried that Robbie might not be attracted to her.

Stage FightingEdit

Cat is the only one who pays attention to Robbie and Trina's subplot. She seems sort of frustrated that Robbie is so focused on dating Trina.

    • After Robbie stalks Trina because he believes their stage kiss was real, Cat tries to make him understand that it was just a stage kiss. When he says that girls can't fake that kind of passion, Cat interrupts him by kissing him.
    • Cat and Robbie sit together at lunch.
    • When Cat heard Robbie say Trina's in denial Cat groaned in anoyance.
    • After the kiss, Robbie asks Cat to meet his parents, and she almost chokes on her carrot.
    • The way he reacts to Cat's kiss means that she either showed more 'passion' then Trina did or that he likes her better (ex. Robbie acts shocked when Trina kissed him, but he asks if Cat could meet his parents, as if they were already in a relationship).

The Birthweek SongEdit

    • The subplot focuses on Robbie and Cat helping Robbie's Grandma with her computer.
    • This episode takes place right after Stage Fighting, where Cat kissed Robbie.
    • After Cat says to Tori, "What are you doing?" and she doesn't respond, Cat and Robbie look at each other and Cat smiles.
    • When Tori is trying to figure out what to get Trina for her birthweek, Robbie and Cat are walking down the stairs when Rex says something disrespectful. They give him a time out by putting him in Robbie's backpack.
    • Robbie and Cat were going to get iced coffee together.
    • After Robbie says he has to help his grandma and asks the others to come with him, Cat volunteers because she likes elderly people.
      • After Cat says juice Robbie gives a slight grin to her comment.
      • Robbie's grandma keeps criticizing Cat throughout the episode, and when she first sees Cat, she thinks that she is Robbie's girlfriend. When he denies this, she says, "Good, you can do better." Cat gets offended a lot in this episode.
      • During class, when Robbie is about to start his presentation on Vaudeville, he says, "Hello, everybody." and Cat is the only one who says "Hi" back.
      • When Robbie becomes embarrassed when his grandma attempts to video chat with him in front of the class Cat laughs at him along with the rest of class, but she says she thinks it's cute.
      • When Cat sees Robbie's grandma's apartment, she says to him, "You said you were taking me to play baby golf!" in a disappointed tone.
      • Robbie's grandma thinks Robbie and Cat are dating.
      • On their last visit to his grandma's house, she says she doesn't want to go in there and be made fun of. But Robbie insists that she come, and pulls her inside by the arm. When his grandma makes fun of her again, she turns to leave, but Robbie grabs her wrist and pulls her back. His grandma and Cat Robbie brings Cat along with him to his Grandma's continue to fight, so Robbie cuts a wire to disable the Internet in his Grandma's house, claiming the company shut it down and the Internet no longer exists. He takes Cat and they both run out of the apartment while holding hands.
      • It seems Robbie cut the wire to end the fight between Cat and his Grandma because he didnt want Cat to be upset anymore and maybe wwanted to be alone with Cat.
      • When the grandma tried to get Robbie to stay and eat the chicken she made, he sais to give it to Brenda and left quick with Cat showing he would rather be with her.
      • When Cat said "Bye" Robbie exclaimed "Stay!" And when she says im leaving now robbie says no your not.
      • When Cat and Robbie's grandma are fighting, Robbie's grandmother says, "Over my dead body, would I let my grandson ever marry..." (implying she thinks they're dating).
      • When Cat is at lunch, Cat giggles flirtatiously at Robbie while he's talking to his grandmother on the phone.
      • Cat gets upset when Robbie points out that she doesn't take criticism well, possibly because she doesn't want him to see her in an unfavorable light.
      • Robbie apologizes, and Cat happily accepts his apology for "offending her" .
      • Cat smiles sympathetically at Robbie when he's trying to help his grandma open a computer window.
      • When Robbie comes up to do his report, there's a shot of Cat smiling sweetly at him.
      • Robbie looks at Cat with an astonished face when his grandma exclaims that she doesn't want him to end up with "one of those" (Cat); he looks offended his grandma would say that about Cat.
      • After Robbie grabs her the first time, Cat looks like she wants to turn and leave again, but sighs and decides to give in and stay.
      • Cat looks sort of exasperated when Robbie's grandma tries to set Robbie up with Brenda.
      • Even though just a couple of moments before she was arguing with Robbie's grandma, she looks concerned when Robbie yells.
      • When Robbie says "Oh,no, no!" Cat says whats the matter insteads of continuing to arfue with the grandma and even was the first to respond before the grandma.

Tori The ZombieEdit

  • Robbie and Cat were dancing to the ending number in the musical together.

Jade Dumps BeckEdit

  • Although Cat was absent for the episode, you can see that Robbie has a picture of the animal cat in his locker. This could be a hint from Dan that Cabbie is potentially canon in future episodes.
  • Robbie didnt seem to be his happy self, maybe because Cat was't there.


  • Cat does not seem as angry as the others about Robbie spreading rumors about the group, although she does not like that they are taping her receiving a package from the Sky Store.
  • There were no rumors about Cat in the first Robarazzi video.
  • She does not go with the rest of the gang to crash Robarazzi.
  • The rumors about Cat (her addiction to Sky Store, her hair color not being natural) were true, while all of the other rumors were lies.

Survival of the hottestEdit

  • At the end of the episode, Robbie hugs Cat after she opens the RV.
  • When Cat comes to sit down with Tori, Beck and Robbie ,she sits next to Robbie (when she sits down,she moves Robbie's pearpad and he stares at Cat when she does
  • When Jade squirts Rex with sunblock, Cat laughs while looking at Robbie.
  • At one point at the beginning of the episode when at the table Robbie and Cat are so close that there arms are entirely against eachothers
  • In the Rv, Robbie loudly ask "where can Cat be"? as if he really was worried. He also says "she's been gone for 20 minutes"

Wifi in the skyEdit

  • Cat was going to tell Robbie the same joke she told the others, but he reminds her that she told him yesterday. Cat looks upset after he says this.
  • Since Cat told the joke to Robbie first that shows that she wanted to tell him before anyone else.
  • Cat does not seem to mind that Robbie is continuously trying to interrupt their video chat.
  • When Robbie enters the chat the first time, Cat is seen brushing her hair and not looking up. If you watch her you can see her nervously putting her hair in her mouth.

Cat's new boyfriendEdit

  • Robbie is not there when Cat first introduces her friends to Daniel, maybe because he didn't want to meet him, as he may possibly wish Cat were dating him.
  • Robbie tells Tori about the cheese fountain, and it causes Tori to see Cat kissing Daniel and ruin their romantic night. It's unclear if Robbie planned on leading Tori to the cheese fountain. It should be noted that before Robbie told Tori about the cheese fountain, he looked over at the cheese fountain and possibly saw Cat and Daniel making out by the fountain.
  • After Robbie told Tori about the cheese fountain, he looked back at the cheese fountain, possibly saw Cat and Daniel making out, looked at Tori again, and walk away sighing, putting his head down while shaking it.
  • Cat feels Robbie's foot when they are in the hospital.
  • Robbie calls Tori out for "playing smudgy face" with Cat's boyfriend.
  • When Tori asks why Cat was ignoring her, he defends Cat and seems angry at Tori for hurting her.
  • At the end of the episode Cat feels Robbie's foot longer than anyone else.

Beck's big breakEdit

  • Cat is very worried about Robbie's sleeping problems, and tells him to go to the guidance counselor for help because he helped her with a lot her of emotional problems.Cat is very worried about Robbie's sleeping problems, and tells him to go to the guidance counselor for help because he helped her with a lot her of emotional problems.
  • Out of all of Robbie's friends, Cat is the only one who shows real concern about Robbie's nightmares.
  • Cat wanted to know what Robbi
  • was dreaming about and was upset that he wouldn't tell her.
  • When Cat wanted to know what Robbie's nightmares are about, Robbie says "None of your business!" possibly because he does not want her to worry, or maybe because he thought the nightmares were embarrassing and did not want her to see him in a negative way after he said that Cat gets all offensive and says "Whats that supposed to mean? I'm trying to help!"
  • Cat seemed upset when Rex tells her that she is still a mess.
  • Lane said that Cat has been talking to him about Robbie's nightmares. This shows that she cares about him as a friend at least, in the fact that she refused his attempts to avoid counseling, and alerted Lane, for his well-being.
  • When Robbie is sleeping in class and the bell rings all of there friends left Cat was the only one who stayed behind and woke him up, also after she woke him up she says in a concern voice "No sleep again last night" then Robbie says "I cant stop having those disturbing nightmares" and Cat says "ok you gotta talk to Lane about this! " and it seems as if she was gonna force him to go, which she did she told Lane and Lane called him up.

The great ping pong scamEdit

  • When Robbie gets hurt during "practice", Cat is the first one to show concern.
  • Cat gasp and her mouth drops when Tori hits Robbie in the groin.
  • When the gang finds out what Robbie did Cat screams out Robbie.
  • When Tori and Andre sing Cat switches chairs and sits next to Robbie.
  • Cat and Robbie both scream when Tori sings.
  • During André and Tori's duet, Cat and Robbie dance together in their seats.
  • Cat is sitting next to Robbie and holding Rex's hand.
  • When Tori is singing Cat and Robbie both scream at the same time

Freak the freak outEdit

  • After class is over, you see Cat going to talk to Robbie.
  • When Robbie and Rex are singing at Kareoke Dokie, Cat watches and looks as if she's enjoying their performance a lot.
  • After Robbie (and Rex) finishes singing Cat cheers very loudly.
  • When Rex tells everyone to give his and Robbie's dates from North Ridge some "love," Cat applauded with a look of annoyance similar to the one she gave in The Birthweek Song when she almost left Robbie alone because Robbie's Mamaw insulted her. (This is probably because Cat is jealous of Rex and Robbie's dates).
  • Even though the Northridge girls were technically Robbie's dates, Robbie makes Rex say that they were Rex's dates. This may be because that Robbie does not want Cat to think that he's not interested in her.
  • In the official music video for "Freak the freak out," Cat and Robbie are seen dancing together and having a good time.
  • When Haley and Tara win the competition, Robbie (through Rex) defends Cat by declaring that "Those scrounges (Hayley and Tara) can't sing!"
  • When the boys found out they were stuck with Trina, Robbie says he doesn't want to spend Saturday with Trina, showing he HAS gotten over her.
  • When everyone found out that the only reason why Cat and Jade lost because one of the winners' father owned Karaoke Dokie, Robbie (through Rex) chanted "Fix!!" and got the crowd to agree with him.
  • When Robbie tells the North Ridge Girls a joke, they doesn't get the punchline, in Wi-Fi in The Sky, Cat tells a joke and Tori, Andre, and Beck doesn't understand the punchline either. This means both of them aren't good at telling jokes and get along very well

Rex diesEdit

  • Cat asks about Robbie's date, possibly because she was jealous.
  • Cat screams out 'Rex!' when Tori turns the machine on in reverse and she points at Rex.
  • When Tori reads the status from Robbie's date ("Worst date ever..."), Cat smiles, possibly glad he is single again so that she could date him.
  • Cat, along with Jade and Sikowitz, hold Robbie back when he tries to get Rex out of the large fan.
  • While Cat ,Jade and Sikowitz are holding Robbie back Cat looks at Robbie in a shocked face as if she never seen him like this also she is touching his arm and saying " Robbie, Robbie it's okay".
  • Cat seems extremely worried about Robbie and the state of Rex, while Tori felt guilt and the others felt sorry for Robbie.
  • Cat offers to go to the hospital with Rex.
  • Robbie was reluctant to give Rex to Tori until Cat promised that they would take him to the hospital.
  • Cat is serious about taking Rex to the hospital, while the others are just kidding.
  • Cat seemed upset when Beck said that they were not taking Rex to the hospital.
  • When Jade suggested killing Rex, Cat seemed offended and even says "Jade" in a sad tone. Probably because she didn't want Robbie to be upset for losing Rex.
  • Cat doesn't seem to agree with killing Rex until Jade says it would be good for Robbie's mental health, proving that she cares about him enough to hurt him, for his own good.
  • When Cat says that Rex is not a puppet to Robbie, it could mean that she cares about Robbie's feelings.
  • Cat is the only one to understand Robbie and how he feels (especially seeing that Rex is real to him).

The Diddly bopsEdit

  • Further possible evidence of Cabbie compatibility is shown in this episode when Robbie almost obsessively tries to make their children song about broken glass. This strange behavior, taken together with the "Rex" phenomenon, may mean that Robbie and Cat are both equally insane.
  • Cat stands very close to Robbie in the beginning.
  • Robbie stares at Cat throughout most of the beginning of the episode.
  • Cat looks like she's enjoying Robbie's performance until the lyrics get more violent.
  • Cat doesn't complain about Robbie's song.but does look stunned when he performs it.
  • Robbie seemed almost envious when Cat appeared to be enjoying André's song, and he quickly brought her attention to his song.

Wok starEdit

  • When Cat remembers the name of the sauce, she looks happily at Robbie.
  • Cat and Robbie stand very close to each other whilst in the janitor's closet.

A film by dale squiresEdit

  • When Robbie arrives late to class, Cat shows her concern for him.
  • Through out this episode they are always sitting next to each other.
  • Cat is the first to speak to Robbie and asks him why he was late.
  • Robbie and Cat sit next to each other when they're watching the film.
  • When the film ends, Cat looks at Robbie.

Sleepover at SikowitzEdit

  • Cat wears a shirt that says "I love nerds," and Robbie is a nerd.
  • Cat is the one that came up with Robbie's character for Sikowitz's exercise/sleepover.
  • When Robbie questions Cat's idea for his character, Cat looks down, giggles and says "Yeah I'm creative." as she walks to her seat.
  • When Robbie walks by Cat to announce Beck's character, Cat was still looking down and giggling while playing with her hair and slightly covering her face with her notepad.[1]Added by Cupcakegirl
  • This wasn't the only time in the series when Cat was "giggly" around Robbie. In previous and later episodes Cat giggles playfully at Robbie.
  • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other when Beck and Jade arrive.
  • While Beck was talking to Sikowitz and Jade was talking to Tori, Cat and Robbie were having a conversation in the background.
  • When Sikowitz falls through the window, Robbie gets up and touches Cat's shoulders (almost protectively) before going to help Sikowitz.
  • Cat and Robbie, along with some other people, watch a movie at Tori's house, though Cat specifically mentioned that Robbie invited her.
  • When they invade the Vega's house, Robbie has his leg on Cat even with Cat's date nearby. This shows that Cat didn't mind having Robbie be close to her even when she has a date.
  • Cat seemed to be paying more attention to Robbie's speech about the future than Tori.
  • When Robbie's "jelly legs" act up, he falls down and Cat seems both surprised and worried about what happened to him.
  • Cat and Robbie are the first two to break character, first Robbie then Cat.
  • In the program information for this episode, it said "Cat and Robbie sneak away from the party and confront their feelings for each other, inevitably engaging in a passionate kiss". Even though this didn't happen, this suggests that the producers were considering putting that in this episode, that Cat and Robbie 'engaging in a passionate kiss' is 'inevitable', and that they do have feelings for each other. (Some suspect that this will happen in season 3).
  • ===Season 2Edit===

Begging on your kneesEditEdit

cat smiling at RobbieAdded by CrazylazylaptopAdded by Cupcakegirl

    • When Robbie asks what's wrong with him and why girls don't want to go out with him, everyone else gives a laundry list of reasons, but Cat stays quiet the whole time, hinting she might not know a reason why.
    • In one scene, after Robbie tells Cat to call the paramedics, she smiles and touches his arm in a cute way telling him he's right.
    • In the official music video for 'Begging on your knees," Cat and Robbie are seen having a lot of fun together, even feeding each other cotton candy.
    • Cat was the only girl that Robbie talked to who wasn't rude to him during the episode.
    • While Cat is on the phone she smiles at Robbie.

Beck falls for ToriEditEdit

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    • Cat knew Robbie's pants size and told him that size 4 was how girls' pants are measured.
    • After he told her his pants size she did a cute giggle (implying she gets giggly around him because she might like him).
    • Cat and Robbie thought Beck, disguised as Tori, was cute when he was running away.
    • After Rex makes a jab at Robbie for not being able to ride a bike, you can see Cat looking away and smiling as if she was diverting her smile from Robbie.

Icecream for KeshaEditEdit

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    • The episode starts off with Cat and Robbie.
    • Robbie didn't want Cat to be mad at him, and he even wanted to know what was wrong and encouraged her to talk to him.
    • Cat had a dream about Robbie, which means she has been thinking about him a lot.
    • Cat is upset that in her dream, Robbie let children eat her in order to save himself.
    • Robbie was going to apologize for what he did in Cat's dream, even though the situation was weird. This shows that Robbie understands Cat, even when she says or does odd things.
    • Robbie begins to say that he would save her, but then changes his mind. Cat looks hopeful as he begins to apologize.
    • When everyone is talking about André eating ice-cream to meet Kesha, Cat tried to change the subject by saying that Robbie let children eat her in her dream. She was probably trying to get Robbie to apologize again.
    • He says that the dream children probably thought she was delicious.
    • Cat smacks Robbie on the arm right after he said "but why shouldn't they eat you first'
    • When Robbie gets up and leaves the table Cat doesn't look at Robbie the whole time. In fact it looked as though Cat purposely looked away from him.
    • After Robbie failed to apologize for what he did in Cat's dream, Cat seems upset for the rest of the scene even when other people were talking about their situations.
    • Cat's dream was probably telling her that she fears that she can't trust Robbie.
    • When Robbie says some mothers beat him with sticks, Cat repeats 'Sticks' like she knows it would hurt a lot. Maybe this is her was forgiving Robbie because in her dream he let children eat her, but then children's mothers beat Robbie up.
    • Cat walks over to where Robbie is sitting while explaining where her mom gets her brother's Funky Nut Blast.
    • At the Ke$ha concert, Cat and Robbie are seen dancing together.
    • Cat and Robbie sit near each other throughout the episode.
    • Right when Robbie came back from moms beating him up, Rex was with Cat sitting next to her as if she took care of him when Robbie wasn't there.
    • When Robbie says that there are things he really, really wants to do, he says "Ride a pony, take a cooking class..." He looks at Cat, and she looks at him, "...other things." He then looks away, embarrassed.
    • It can be assumed that Robbie apologized to Cat for letting the little kids eat her sometime after the opening scene, because Cat was not mad at Robbie for rest of the episode.

Tori gets stuckEditEdit

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    • Cat said that she wanted to see Robbie when Lane told them about the incident.[2]Added by Cupcakegirl
    • Cat wanted to know what kind of toy car Robbie ate.
    • In the beginning of the episode, when André grabs the cast list, Cat walks over to Robbie, and they stand close to each other and both look at the cast list.
    • Cat and Robbie sit next to each other on the steps.
    • When Cat was laughing saying that squirrels sounded like girls, Robbie nodded while grinning at Cat.
    • In the scene where everyone was doing the final rehearsal for the play, Cat doesn't appear on screen until Lane announces that Robbie was in the hospital.
    • Cat doesn't seem annoyed when it is said that Rex sent the text to Lane, like the others were. She still looked worried about Robbie being in the hospital.
    • Cat comes running in when she hears Lane say that Robbie is in the hospital and looks really worried.
    • When Cat is dragged away by Trina, even though she agrees to go with her, she looks back at Robbie and extends her arm out as if she really didn't want to go, or she could've just done it to say good bye.
    • When Tori asked if the doctors got the car out of Robbie Cat replyed " They sure did Tori", showing she found out, which may imply she wanted to know or maybe even be the first to know.
    • Robbie was the one to ask why Cat's brother painted himself purple when she mentioned it.

Prom WreckerEditEdit

Cat and Robbie at the Prome.Added by Cupcakegirl

    • When they were planning Prome, Robbie keeps staring at Cat.
    • Robbie asks Cat to the prome.
    • Robbie seemed nervous about asking Cat to the Prome, then Cat's comment on her girraffe made him laugh, which probably made him comfortable to finish his request of going to the Prome with him.[3]Robbie asking Cat to the Prom.Added by Cupcakegirl
    • Despite the weird comment by Cat about the giraffe, he still asks her to the prom, showing he was determined to ask her to Prom and truly wanted to go with her.
    • Cat smiles sweetly at Robbie when he walks up to her.
    • Cat is holding a Giraffe, possibly hinting that the "young Giraffe who learns to love" she has mentioned in previous episodes, perhaps professing her feelings for Robbie.
    • Cat might be holding the giraffe toy because Robbie is always holding a puppet.
    • Cat says to Robbie that she would love to go to the prome with him if she didn't already have a date.
    • Robbie looks really upset when Cat rejects him because she's already got a date to Prom.
    • Cat looks disappointed while she's walking away from Robbie, thanking him for asking her to the Prome. Possibly because she wishes she could go with him and/or she's attracted to him.[4]Added by Cupcakegirl
    • Robbie thanks Cat for "responding" to his date offer.[5]Added by Laliyaa44
    • Robbie walks over to the step and sits down and laments over not asking Cat to Prom before Tug did.
    • Robbie believes that Cat is being truthful about already having a Prome date, showing he has much faith that Cat will always be honest with him.
    • Robbie is very upset and angry when Rex tells him that Cat was lying about already having a Prom date.
    • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other during the Prom meeting.
    • After Robbie said "Balloons are fun...", he put his hand right under Cat's hand, maybe because he wanted to hold it.
    • Robbie is nodding at first when Cat is explaining her "Prome" theme idea (even though it doesn't make sense).
    • Robbie looks over at Cat when Jade storms in.
    • Even after rejection from Cat, Robbie didn't go to the "Prome" with anyone else, meaning he didn't want to go with anyone but Cat. In fact, he didn't even ask anyone.[6]Cat's face after Robbie leftAdded by Cupcakegirl
    • Robbie confronts Cat at the "Prome" about Tug and Cat looks sad at the thought of Robbie thinking she's "Fibby."
    • After Tori welcomes everyone to the first "Prome" when they show Cat in the crowd she seemed to be trying to smile, like she really was sad or had something on her mind, like Robbie not believing her.
    • Cat and Robbie were both dancing alone when Doug the diaper guy was dancing.
    • Cat looks like she's about to cry when Robbie accuses her of lying and tries to convince him many times that she's telling the truth.
    • When Robbie sees André and Sherry kissing, he states that he feels uncomfortable. It can be inferred that he said this because he wanted to kiss Cat, but couldn't since she rejected him.
    • Robbie believed in Cat at first, but Rex made him doubt her.
    • When Cat sings the line "Sometimes I think that he might make a move" in Best friend brother, she looks out into the crowd and at the area where Robbie is standing. She does this during a few other lines of the song as well.
    • It's ironic that Robbie is the one who asked Cat to Prome, when in the first episode Rex disses Cat about not having a date to the prom last year. This might mean he had wanted to ask her to that prom as well.

Locked UpEditEdit

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    • In the beginning of the episode, when Cat and Robbie are in Tori's kitchen, they stand next to each other and Robbie keeps glancing at Cat.
    • Cat grabs onto Robbie when the bellman tries to take Robbie with him as the police drag him away and yells "Robbie, Robbie!"
    • Cat is the only one who isn't upset to find Robbie in the girl's bed and says "Hi" to him while smiling, in fact she seems very happy that he is there. It is also important to note that Cat's tone changed when she said hi, it sounded like she was nervous.
    • Cat kept glancing at Robbie when they were in bed together.
    • Robbie apeared in between Cat and Trina when he was in the girls bed when Robbie could've got in the bed on the edge next to Tori since it was the spot closest to the room's door.
    • She also looked at his lips when she said hi.
    • When the escaped prisoner jumped through the window, Robbie extended his arm in front of Cat as if trying to protect her. He did the same for Trina, so this could be controversial.[7]Added by Dawnmist
    • When Robbie mentions that he found a lizard in the bathtub the boys made him sleep in, Cat says "A lizard?" in a concerned tone.
    • Cat and Robbie stand next to/near each other throughout the episode.
    • Cat says "Your shoe hit the chancellor!" and Robbie finishes "In his last good eye!" then Cat touched her chest then puts her hand on Robbie shoulder.
    • In the scene where Robbie is wearing a pink shirt, Cat's outfit matches his shirt, as if they were a couple wearing matching outfits.
    • When Robbie accidentally kills the chancellor's octopus, he has a look of fear and Cat looks at him with a worried face.
    • Cat pats Robbie on the arm before she runs off to teach her prison gang how to dance.
    • Robbie asks Cat where she's been in a worried tone.
    • Cat and Robbie are seen standing next to each other a lot through the episode and they sometimes glance at each other.
    • Originally Cat, Robbie, Andre, and Tori were supposed to be going, so it seemed like a couple trip until Trina, Beck, and Jade decided to come.
    • Cat looks at Robbie in fear when they're in the jail and gets very close to him.
    • Cat grabs Robbie's shoulder and puts her other hand on her chest, seeming as if she was scared and needed his comfort, when they are telling Tori that she hit the chancellor in his last good eye.
    • When Beck, Trina, Cat and Robbie were trying to pull Tori away from the soldiers, Cat and Robbie were in the back, leaning against each other.

Helen Back AgainEdit

    • Though Robbie asked Tori "If this were my bike, would it make you want to date me?" He could be asking because he wants to impress another girl. Possibly Cat.
    • Robbie was doing stand-up but he wasn't doing the jokes well. In Wi-fi in the Sky, Cat didn't get her joke at first. This shows that both Robbie and Cat share a similarity where they are not good at telling jokes by themselves.
    • Both Cat and Robbie's auditions went differently than they planned
    • They are constantly glancing at each other throughout the episode.
    • When Tori was taking out everything of her locker, Cat was looking at Robbie with a worried look on her face.
    • When Tori asked Beck, Andre, Cat and Robbie to help her inform Trina that she was kicked out of Hollywood Arts, Beck, Andre, Cat, and Robbie all left. While Beck and Andre left by themselves, Cat and Robbie looked like they were leaving together, side by side.
    • Robbie went after Cat to audition.

Who Did it to Trina EditEdit

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    • When Jade said that Tori threatened Trina, Cat and Robbie both gasped.
    • Cat was taking care of Rex while Robbie was doing the play.[8]Added by Immortalorchid1990
    • Cat being the only other person to hold Rex for Robbie implies that Robbie only trusts Cat with him.
    • During the play, while Robbie was saying his lines, she looked impressed and seemed to enjoy his performance.
    • When Trina was swinging around, Cat covered her eyes and asked "is it over?" Possibly because she did not want to see anything happen to Robbie too.
    • When they were lifting the wall off of Trina, Cat was hugging Rex and rocking a little. Possibly because She finds comfort in something of Robbie's.
    • Both Robbie and Cat laughed in Tori's flashback.
    • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was jealous because Trina was flirting with him.
    • When Robbie in turn flirted with Trina, Cat was extremely angry, and ran away.[9]Added by Azulatatis
    • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was flirting with Robbie and feeling his muscles, and she also claimed that Robbie loved her (since it was Robbie's flashback, this may or may not be true).
    • Robbie accuses Cat of causing the incident, but is reluctant to say that it could have been her, saying in a soft, sad tone that she may have had a reason to do it. One can also assume that he was only accusing her to take the suspicion off of Rex, and that it wasn't anything personal.
    • After Robbie's flashback Cat says that was not how it happened, but her flashback was of an episode of "Drake and Josh". Then she went on to say that she doesn't know what happened with Tori and Trina, so she doesn't explain what really happened between her, Robbie and Trina.
    • In both Jade and Tori's flashback, Cat and Robbie were doing something together behind the wall, giving many possibilities as to what they were doing alone together back there, where no one could see them. (Such as kissing or flirting)
    • In Robbie's flashback, Cat was in love with him, showing that he might want her to be in love with him in real life.
    • In Robbie's flashback when Robbie had his arm around both Cat and Trina he stood with a confident look and never reacted to anything they said, but when Cat said " He loves me!" he reacted with a shocked face.
    • Throughout the entire flashback of Robbie's, Cat stares at him lovingly.
    • In Robbie's flashback, Cat pets Robbie, felt his muscles and touched his shoulder many times.
    • Robbie could have chosen any other girl (Tori or Jade) but instead he chose Cat to be the one to fight over him against Trina.
    • Robbie and Cat both agreed when Jade said that Tori said "She was gonna kill Trina," and Jade points at Cat and Robbie and says they are witnesses.

Tori Tortures Teacher EditEdit

    • In the beginning of the episode when Cat walked into the room Robbie was the first one to greet her by saying, "Hey, Cat", at the second she walked into the room.
    • When Cat was telling her knock-knock joke, Robbie was the only one who participated in the joke (Robbie asked "Who's there?" and he made Rex ask "Isn't who?")
    • After she finishes her joke, Robbie smiles at her, while others act confused.
    • When Tori's friends were leaving after refusing be a part of her next plan to make Sikowitz happy, Cat went out of her way to follow Robbie, like she wanted to go to wherever Robbie was going to.
    • In the end when Robbie said "Oh, so you loved her CAT!" he really emphasized on the word Cat and looked towards Cat, perhaps implying his feelings toward her in a subtle way.
    • As they chat with Sikowitz in the end, Cat seems to stare at Robbie a lot, seeming almost as though she wouldn't take her eyes off him.
    • Rex calls Trina a grunch and Robbie agrees, implying he has lost interest in her.

Jade Gets Crushed EditEdit

    • They stand near each other during André's song.
    • Robbie has several cutouts of Cat- one of which is called 'Flirty Cat'
    • When Tori asks if Cat knew Robbie had the cutouts, he says 'No' in a very dreamy way.[10]Added by Sweet4421
    • When Cat discovers the cutouts of herself during Tori's Tech Test run-through, Robbie gets scared and accidentally ends up telling Cat that they are his cutouts, even though he had denied it before. Him getting nervous like that and not wanting to tell her in the first place could be a sign that he really likes her and seems nervous around her.
    • Cat looks stunned at all the cutouts of herself when she "bounces" into the room.
    • Cat knew Robbie was tutoring Tori and she checked up on them maybe to see if they were doing anything else.
    • Cat doesn't seem all that alarmed when Robbie is trying to explain to her about the cutouts. In fact, she might have been too absorbed in her Jupiter boots to even notice that they were Robbie's cutouts. Basically, she was either too distracted to care or she didn't get creeped out of all the cutouts of her made by Robbie.
    • When Tori asked Robbie where he got the Cat cut outs he said home and later continued that she shouldn't ask him what he does at home, meaning he feels his feelings for Cat are personal, intimate, and private.
    • For the tutoring Robbie could have had any kind of random standie to work with but he wanted to use his Cat cut outs.
    • Asking Tori to not tell Cat may imply he wants a better or a right moment to tell her how he feels.
    • If you listen closely, when everyone is hugging André, Cat says to Robbie "He was so good!" and Robbie says, "And now it's over." This implies that maybe he was jealous that Cat liked Andre's performance.
    • During the ending credits Rex is on the stage singing the theme song from Drake and Josh, and Cat is dancing/bouncing and laughing.
    • When Robbie tries to think of lyrics for the song, they are Cabbie related. ("Baby every night, and I need you and I love you"; he thinks about Cat every night, which explains why he has those cut-outs of her, "Upside down, touch my toe"s; the caption for Cat's profile video on TheSlap says she did her video upside down, and in Rex Dies she scratches her nose with her toes, "And I cry inside"; in Rex Dies, Robbie said "sometime I have trouble not crying" and in a picture Cat says "Robbie's always crying about something) The words in italics are the lyrics.

Terror On CupCake StreetEditEdit

It looks like they are kissing.Added by Ssonic116

    • When Robbie shows his app, Cat says his name.
    • Robbie's app lands on Cat's face, and he seems happy when it does.
    • Robbie thinks the costumes Cat chose are "rad cool." He seems to be the only one who thinks this.
    • When Robbie says that he thinks the Candy Jammies are "rad cool," Cat extends her arm up to him.
    • When Sikowitz laughs at Beck and Andre in their Candy Jammies, Robbie is sitting on the steps, and Cat walks up in front of Robbie very close, making it look like they are kissing because their heads are out of frame.
    • Cat and Robbie are sitting next to each other on the steps when Beck and André startle them.
    • Cat eats a key in this episode, and Robbie ate a toy car in Tori gets stuck which means they both eat very unusual things.

Season 3EditEdit

A Christmas Tori EditEdit

    • Robbie is Cat's secret santa and buys her a cotton candy machine with a man (which Robbie seemed to have exerted a lot of effort into).
    • The episode starts with Cat and Robbie greeting each other.[11]Cabbie HugAdded by Sweet4421
    • When Andre knocked Robbie off his seat she looked concerned.
    • After Jade says "It happened to me in 8th grade" both Cat and Robbie laughed at the same time
    • When Cat gets her Christmas present, she screams out in excitement.
    • Robbie comes into the classroom and greets Cat by saying "Ho, ho, and ho." Cat smiles at him, and responds "Hi, hi, and hi." and taps him on the nose.
    • When Cat taps Robbie on the nose he at first regards it with a little confusion, but then he smiles at her. Then Robbie skips away happily behind Cat.
    • When Jade says she likes slapping perky red heads, Robbie frowns.
    • When Robbie reveals that he is Cat's secret santa, Cat yells out, "OH MY GOD, YAY!" Most likely because she was glad that he was her secret Santa.
    • When Robbie gave Cat the cotton candy machine, Cat hugged Robbie and kissed him on the cheek.
    • When Robbie calls out Cat's name in the hall, she jumps up and down and yells out in excitement, extremely happy he was calling her out.
    • Robbie looks pleasantly surprised when Cat kisses him on the cheek.
    • Cat called the cotton candy machine, "The best Christmas present ever."
    • Robbie didn't have Rex with him when he gave Cat her present, possibly so he wouldn't make fun of Cat.
    • The cotton candy machine was probably the most expensive gift out of[12]cabbie kiss! Click for gifAdded by Luna-daughter of Artemisthe whole gang.
    • While everyone is being given their gifts, Cat is still obsessed with the cotton candy machine, meaning that she really likes Robbie's gift that he gave her.
    • When Robbie revealed he was Cat's secret santa he made sure everyone knew by using a bullhorn, meaning he wanted everyone to know and wasn't shy to express himself about Cat.
    • When Cat hugs Robbie, her arm is around his neck in a very loving position.
    • Cat wasn't afraid to express her gratitude in front of everybody.[13]Added by Sweetjar18
    • When Cat told everyone about her present, Robbie smiled at her while folding his arms.
    • Beck brought Robbie's childhood bully, Christy VicHarris so they could get coffee and talk about things. Robbie then stated that he was not going to pay 3 dollars for a cup of coffee, but he bought Cat a cotton candy machine and a man for a whole week.

The Breakfast BunchEditEdit

Added by Cabbie2gether

    • Throughout this episode the two seem to be each others love interest.
    • Cat frowns when Robbie says that he can't get past level 23 on Grumpy Gerbils.
    • Cat looks amazed when Rex catches the gum Jade spit in the sky.
    • When Robbie is talking to Mr.Dickers about the tuna fish, Cat smiles slightly, but when Mr. Dickers yells at Robbie, she frowns.
    • Cat slightly frowns when Robbie gets another detention.
    • It is revealed that they are both vegans.
    • It is revealed that they both have never had a taco.[14]Added by DoubleCross♥
    • When Jade is bothering Cat too much Robbie angrily asks her why she has to keep bothering people.
    • Cat is the only one who never questions Robbie's crying and calling Tori conceited.
    • When they get the tacos Robbie asks Cat if she approves of it.
    • When everyone is running and stopping, Robbie puts a hand on Cat's back to steady her when she stops, he does the same to Beck.
    • Robbie doesn't want Tori to know he's a vegan, but he's ok with Cat knowing. Possibly because he is more comfortable around her.
    • When everyone is eating their tacos Cat says that she'll try one if Robbie will try one, and they take bites of their tacos slowly at the same time.
    • Cat and Robbie both can't hold the hot sauce.[15]Added by 14Bade x3
    • Cat points and tells the others to look at Robbie when he starts to go crazy as Robbie is laughing.
    • When Robbie walks into the library with his new look Cat does a double take.
    • Cat smiles at Robbie's new look,then they both crawl across tables toward each other and Robbie touches Cat's nose.
    • When they are crawling Cat closes her eyes making it look like she wants to kiss Robbie.
    • Robbie taps Cat's nose like Cat did to Robbie in A Christmas Tori.
    • While they are walking out of detention, Cat and Robbie are walking next to each other, talking and looking at each other constantly in the process. They seem to be oblivious to everything else around them because they are so absorbed in each other.
    • At the end, Robbie and Cat walk over to Robbie's bike, they stare at each other for a moment, then Cat gives him her gum and Robbie starts to chew it.
    • At the end when Mr. Dickers is reading the letter, and you hear Cat say, "And Meeeeee" Robbie (speaking through Rex) says that she can't be seen and calls her baby.[16]Added by Cabbie2gether
    • Robbie stares at Cat when the gang is saying goodbye.

The Gorilla ClubEditEdit

    • When Cat is watching Tori rehearse, she is holding a purple giraffe, the Cabbie animal. It is possible that now that the giraffe is purple, it's ability to love may have changed, Which means that Cat may have learned to love.
    • When the gang is playing cards Cat says they she wants them to dress up like pirates, and Robbie says that he'll play pirates with her.
    • After Robbie says that he'll play pirates with her he has an excited expression on his face.
    • Cat says no because she doesn't like how Robbie plays pirates.
    • That may mean that Cat and Robbie have played pirates together before.
    • Robbie seems disappointed when Cat says that she doesn't like the way he plays pirates.
    • Cat looks at Robbie several times when they are playing cards.
    • Cat looks at Robbie when he is doing the MC Hammer dance.

The Worst CoupleEditEdit

    • When Cat makes a comment about dolphins on "Queries for Couples", Robbie joins in (along with Andre).
    • They have a little discussion of dolphins.
    • Both Cat and Robbie said they saw detective blowhole, hinting they may have gone to see it together.
    • When Robbie imitates a dolphin, Cat watches him and then does the same thing.
    • After they imitate the dolphins Robbie put his body towards where Cat was sitting because maybe he wanted to be sitting with Cat.
    • Cat stares at Robbie when Beck and Jade are fighting in Tori's living room.
    • Cat called the Northridge girls "not smart" maybe because she was jealous.
    • Cat agrees with Robbie about starting the acting class without Sikowitz, and she says that they should do the ending scene of Titanic.
    • When Cat was saying they should reenact the ending to Titanic she looks at Robbie the whole time.
    • Cat was the only one not annoyed when Robbie was taking forever to plug in Tori charger; in fact, she was smiling.
    • Cat and Robbie sit across each other in Sikowitz's class.
    • When Robbie falls, Cat turns to him with a sad face, and her body is facing towards him with her knees just inches from the ground.
    • Cat gasps when Robbie falls with her mouth open.
    • Cat is constantly staring at Robbie during the poker game.
    • Cat sits in front of Robbie during the poker game.
    • When it's Andre's and Cat's turn to answer the question in the dating show, Robbie looks at them[17]Aw, poor Robbie </3Added by IloveDxCpossibly with jealousy.
    • When Cat hugs Andre, Robbie has a sad look on his face.
    • Andre may not have reciprocated Cat's feelings in the hug because he might know that Robbie likes Cat.
    • It is revealed that both Cat and Robbie react badly to Beck and Jade fighting. Cat faints and Robbie cries. This could mean they are uncomfortable with that part of a relationship which is why they haven't dated each other yet. Or they wouldn't want to fight with each other and would dread if they were a couple that fought.
    • Cat watches Robbie take Trina off Beck.
    • Cat frowns when Robbie gets on Trina.
    • Cat keeps staring at Tori and Robbie because she might have wanted to sit next to Robbie instead.
    • After Tori walks off to throw her Pear phone away, Robbie walks over to Cat and stands next to her and their shoulders are touching and niether of them seem to mind.

Andre's Horrible GirlfriendEditEdit

    • Cat called Robbie when Jade accidentally broke the guitar and the window.
    • Cat thinks that Robbie is able to fix things while Jade is, on the other hand, doubtful of Robbie's abilities .
    • In order for Cat to call Robbie she had to have known his number, so it is safe to say that Cat has Robbie's phone number.
    • Cat called Robbie and Beck just came along. This shows that she trusts Robbie over Beck to help fix her problems.
    • Cat thought Robbie was strong enough to build things.
    • When Robbie comes in, he shouts "Cat, hey Cat!" in a cheery tone.
    • When Jade says "Robbie can't even keep his zipper zipped," Cat giggles.
    • Cat's laugh sounded nervous when Jade said "Robbie can't even work the zipper on his own pants" like she knew first-hand he had trouble with zippers.
    • While Jade and Beck are arguing, Cat says, "Why is Robbie's zipper down? " This may mean that she had been looking at Robbie a lot.
    • Robbie seems like he's trying to impress Cat with his new app.
    • When Beck and Jade were arguing, Robbie was smiling shyly at Cat.
    • Robbie looks sad and guilty when he and Jade broke a lot of things in the house, like he was angry with himself.
    • Robbie said "I heard a buzz," maybe because he was worried that Cat will get in trouble.
    • Cat looks back at Robbie when she is talking on the moniter with her mom's boss.
    • Robbie tries to cheer Cat up by saying, "It's gonna be okay."
    • Cat looks back and smiles at Robbie when he said that the earth was "quaking."
    • When the boss said "Son, your zipper," Cat looked back at Robbie and smiled at him.
    • Robbie looked extremely sad and helpless when Cat started to cry.
    • When Beck was protecting Cat from the lamp explosion, Robbie looks at them with an upset look on his face. This could mean he is jealous.

Tori and Jade PlaydateEditEdit

    • Cat and Robbie create a business together in which they tell people negative news by using son[18]Added by Ant 157349gs.
    • Cat whispers in Robbie's ear to tell him what to do.
    • Robbie likes Cat's idea, exclaiming, "That's good!"
    • Sikowitz picks Cat and Robbie to present the bad news.
    • Cat laughs at Robbie when he says "fetch" (but not in a mean way).
    • They both agree that it is fun singing together.
    • When Cat says 'by telling them in a language they don't understand," Robbie nods and points at her, like saying that she is right.
    • Robbie and Cat get very happy and smile at each other whenever their songs cheers someone up.
    • When Sikowitz gives Robbie the card, Robbie and Cat stand close to each other.
    • Cat and Robbie are seen talking to each other very closely on the stairs[19]Added by Ant 157349when Andre walks up to them.
    • Cat didn't understand what André meant, so she turned to Robbie and he explained it to her.
    • Cat and Robbie sing to a smelly boy.
    • Cat and Robbie make up a song on the spot while trying to cheer a little boy up.
    • Cat and Robbie go to Trina's house together at night and sing to her because her date cancelled on her.
    • When Trina goes and breaks Robbie's guitar outside, Cat and Robbie stand close to each other and gasp.
    • Right when you hear Trina destroying Robbie's guitar, Cat pats Robbie on his arm for a quick s[20]Added by Ant 157349econd.
    • Cat and Robbie sing to Beck about how his car now smells like pee.
    • Cat says while jumping up and down "Haha that was really fun!" right after she sang with Robbie to Beck.
    • Cat and Robbie thought of "now here comes the bad part!" at the same time while singing to Beck.
    • Cat and Robbie sit next to each other at Sikowitz's play.
    • After Cat and Robbie finish singing to Beck, they jump up and down and say that it was fun.
    • Cat smiles at Robbie when he say "now hear some news" in a funny way,and it looked like she turned away so she wouldn't burst out laughing.
    • Robbie happily suggests that they should make out sometime, and he doesn't sound like he's joking when he says it.[21]Cat whispering in Robbie's earAdded by K R 17
    • After he says that, Cat pinches his cheeks and says "Robbie, you're so gross!" in a happy tone, but she never says that they shouldn't make out.
    • Cat seemed happy that Robbie asked her to make out with him.
    • Robbie looked upset when Cat said that he was gross.
    • Cat and Robbie sing four songs together.
      • In a deleted scene, Cat and Robbie sing a song to a school bully. That technically makes it 5 songs, tying with Tori and Andre for the most duets between a pair.
    • In a deleted scene, Cat noticed that Robbie peed in his pants and Robbie denies it in a very shy way, probably because he didnt want Cat to know about it. Rex then says that his leg is damp, which could show that Robbie didn't want to lie to Cat.

Other ProgramsEditEdit

IParty With Victorious EditEdit

-NOTE- Although this episode was only counted as a iCarly episode, it did have some Cabbie moments.

    • Robbie seems worried and upset when he hears of Cat's throat sickness.
    • Cat and Robbie stand next to each other when Andre is introducing them to the DJ.
    • Cat looks at Robbie alot when they are talking to the DJ.
    • When Sikowitz says that Cat has a throat infection, Robbie makes Rex ask about her condition. While Rex is asking, Robbie looks sad and extremely worried for Cat's well being.
    • Cat dances to Robbie's rap.
    • Cat was the only one not angry at Robbie for wrecking the sound system. In fact, she seems upset that people were yelling at him.
    • When someone said to Robbie "Shut up Sandberg!" Cat was looking around to see who yelled at Robbie while have a worried look upon her face.
    • Cat is the only one who puts her hands in the air when Robbie says to in his rap.
    • Cat dances to all of Rex and Robbie's raps.
    • Cat defends Robbie after someone threw a plant at him and says that it was unnecessary she seemed very upset.
    • After Rex rapped Cat seemed happy that the crowed wasn't mad at Robbie anymore she also seemed impressed that Robbie could rap through Rex.
    • Cat stayed were Robbie was and didn't leave because she was so interested in Rex and Robbie.
    • When the other challengers of Rex and Robbie said there rap Cat seemed sad because in a way they were kinda insulting him.
    • Right after Rex and Robbie said there rap to Sam , Cat smiled and clapped.
    • Cat clapped at all of Robbie and Rex raps.
    • Cat was so into Robbie and Rex's rapping, that she didn't notice that the kids she was watching for Trina left her to escape from her and Trina.